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Old 03-17-2010, 04:10 AM
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Thumbs up Nutronix Revolution www.nutronixrevolution.com

Join the #1 Fastest Growing Team in Nutronix Revolution!
We have the most MIND BLOWING Compensation Plan EVER designed!!!

I have been watching everything out there for quite awhile, and I finally found the Home I have been long searching for.

In the last 90 days I was offered to be flown into several companies, be given high placement under master distributors, and comped into several major companies...and I turned it all down.

I was looking, waiting, searching, praying for something that would combine rock solid stability, stellar life promoting products, and a "never seen before", irresistably attractive, absolutely mind blowing compensation plan...

and I found it with Nutronix Revolution.

If you take a look, you will see why.

I know many of you, when you see this, will be as excited as I am!

Nutronix International is an 11 year old Company in 60 Countries, and debt-free. Their product lines are life changing, and of the absolute highest quality.

A new marketing arm just started with the best payplan I have ever seen in my many years in this industry. It's a 2x15 with a 2up. This payplan tops anything that has ever been creating for any network marketing company EVER; it will help many people and change many lives. You can make a fortune with the 2-up fast start bonuses AND the 2x15 structure matrix. All the 2-ups will go into your 2x15 and create help for those who need it. http://321earn.com/compensation.pdf

This compensation plan will truly set a new standard in the industry,

as there is simply nothing out there that can match it.

The whole Package is right here. We will be here, when all the money games are gone.

Nutronix Revolution is a dream come true company for all networkers, big and small.

The combination of the proven stability of this company, the fantastic product line, and now this incredible compensation plan, creates a huge worldwide opportunity that will be the perfect vehicle for all our dreams to come true.


Contact me anytime:
David Reid
Skype: peoplesbailout
(541) 359-2924

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Old 03-17-2010, 08:16 AM
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Nutronix Revolution is attracting quality networkers from all over the planet.

When you take a look, you will understand the reason!

Why should you choose Nutronix and the Nutronix Revolution as your business to run from home?

Nutronix provides one of the most powerful online career opportunity ever offered.

That may seem like an over simplified statement, but read on.

There are 5 necessary elements of the perfect home business and Nutronix provides them all!

1. Exceptional high-quality affordable products.
To build a long term business you need real products that people want and
need as your foundation. You don't need to look any further than the amazing
quality of Nutronix products.

2. Effective marketing systems.
By plugging into the Nutronix Marketing Systems you're getting the
benefits of years of marketing experience. Developed by professionals
who really know their business the system will help you build your

3. Rewarding compensation plan, bonuses and incentives.
The Nutronix Revolution Compensation plan is the most exciting and powerful
compensation plan that has EVER been designed. It makes other compensation plans obsolete.

4. Company stability and experienced management.
Nutronix is a 10 year old debt free company doing business in many countries
around the world. The company has never missed a commission run. They
were here yesterday and will be here in the future.

5. Teamwork and Support.
Teamwork Separates The Winners From The Losers. The Nutronix Team is
built on shared values and you will get all of the support you need. We
understand that without shared values none of us can reach our full
potential. Teamwork is a full time activity here. We understand that
working as part of a team each of us is more powerful than we are as
individuals. We capitalize on Synergy. Synergy happens when people get
aligned behind a common objective. What is our objective? Helping people
achieve Optimum Health and Financial Freedom.

If You share these goals and values, This is the place For You. You have a wonderful opportunity here.

Conference Calls:

Product call: Tuesdays at 8:00 PM Eastern
Conference Line: 712-432-8787 Pin: 42365#

Business Opportunity Webinar: Monday through Friday at 9:30PM Eastern

Recorded Business Showcase Call: 24 Hours a day
Conference Line: 712-432-8788 Pin: 42365#

Seize Your Moment. Take a good look at Nutronix Revolution.

This is "The Evolution of Network Marketing"!
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Old 03-17-2010, 05:10 PM
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The Nutronix Revolution Compensation Plan is a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in Network Marketing Compensation.

This will undoubtedly set a NEW STANDARD in the industry!!!

"I believe with all my heart that EVERY SINGLE PERSON can do this!"

-Bob Bremner, CEO

Here are some of the basics of our compensation plan:

2x15 Forced Matrix.
We have a 2 x 15 structure that allows 2 people to be on your first level. These 2 have 2 on their first level, giving you 4 on your second level and so forth. Each time you have a new "Power of Two" Team (2 and 4) you get another position in the matrix.

We pay through 15 levels. A structure with 15 levels filled is worth $131,000 per month.

Note: Though clearly hardly anyone is going to fill a full matrix, even if you fill a fraction of it, you could be making a fortune.

Read on...

Additional Profit Centers
Your first Profit Center is just the beginning! By the "Power of 2" you can open as many as you want.

When you have sponsored 2 who have sponsored 2, you now have a "Power of 2" (PO2) team and are eligable for a new Profit Center.

Simply create a PO2 under each new* Profit Center, and you can create more and more Profit Centers.

The possibilities are endless!

*Your most recent Profit Center qualifies you for your next Profit Center.

Fast Start Coded Bonuses.
Your first two PS (Personally Sponsored) Members are coded to your upline. Your 3rd PS Member and all following PS Members are coded to you. This means you receive $30 or $60 for each of these enrollments.

The first 2 PS Members of your coded PS Members are also coded to you and so on. This means you receive $30 or $60 to infinity for the first two PS enrollments of your coded Members. Infinity is a long time. Because it is a two up, as you sponsor more coded (after your first 2) members, your income can grow geometrically into the future.

The Coded Infinity Fast Starts are paid on the initial enrollment order on a WEEKLY basis and on your coded Member�s yearly anniversary order.

*All your PS Members (including your first 2 Members) are placed into your Matrix and you remain their sponsor for roll-up commissions.

Residual Income
Beginning the 2nd month of your new enrollments' Membership, if you have sponsored a minimum of 2 Members, you will be qualified to begin earning Matrix Residual Income. This applies to each Profit Center you have.

For example, if you have 8 Members on Level 3 who all make purchases, you would receive $16 total for their purchases. If you have 60 Members on your Level 6 who all make purchases, you would receive $120 total for those purchases.

Remember: some of your organization you could be getting paid 2,3 or more times on, through earning multiple positions.


If a Member is not qualified to earn commissions on any level, those commissions are "rolled up" to the first PS Upline Executive Regional Director.

Please see our compensation plan to get the full power and graphic explanation of this breakthough income system (Inluding various other bonuses).

If you compare this compensation plan to any other plan you have EVER seen, I think you will agree that we have something extremely unique and that sets a new standard in our industry.

When networkers get a hold of this and the "light" goes on, you will see more and more major leaders as well as major part timers, flocking to this company.

The cost to get in is as low as around 60 bucks (Silver). The qualifications to get paid on your full matrix is sponsoring 2. There are major incentives for people to come in at Gold (Under 100 bucks), as well as to sponsor more people, and begin more coded legs.

Leaders and active marketers will go nuts with this, and sponsor many people. This will potentially, over time, create ongoing spillover for more (initially) passive members.

Product Driven, Rock Solid 10 Year Foundation, Open in 60 Countries...

Proven Quality, Excellence, Support and now....

The Indisputable Industry Leader in Network Marketing Compensation.

This will become a primary focus for many networkers over the weeks and months ahead.

Take a look now, rather than later.

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Old 03-19-2010, 04:39 AM
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Exclamation Nutronix Revolution: The BEST of all possible worlds?

Nutronix Revolution Update.

As of tonight I have 15 personals, and duplication is already happening. I have a 2nd bonus spot that I got yesterday, which spilled under one of my people, and I already have 4 personals under that 2nd spot, which is all under a random team member. This is upline coming under downline, and will continue to happen more and more.

Note: you get a new bonus spot every time you bring in 2 and then fill the 2nd level with 4, (total of 6- a 2x2 matrix) no matter who does it.

These are ongoing 2x2's within the 2x15. Each time you fill a 2x2 you get paid between 60 and 360 dollars if you bring in all 6 yourself (depending if they are Silver or Gold). If you bring in two, you can make between
60 and 360 as well. The reason is, your two, when they bring in their first two, those will roll up to you!!)

I keep having continuous "aha" moments about the Nutronix Revolution Compensation Plan!

This is absolutely exciting.

For instance, a few minutes ago I realized this...

Every week, the money you make from fast starts, will be exactly duplicated one year from now.
So if you to go work, and bring in even a couple of people every other month, your 2 up comissions will grow incredibly, and geometrically over time.

If you JUST sponsored three people EVER, you would have one coded fast start leg to INFINITY. Each level it doubles. 30 dollar and 60 dollar two ups to infinity!

Even one Coded leg, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, a year from now, could be bringing in tons of money weekly. Whatever you did all year will be duplicated the second year, PLUS you will have all the new money coming in as well, overlapping! Imagine the the third year! lol. And that's JUST on the Coded Fast Starts.

All the while your 2x15 and ALL THE OTHER BONUS MATRIX'S that you will be filling underneath (doubling or trippling up on the comissions!) will all be growing steadily.

I am most looking forward to the inevitable...as more and more networkers see this plan, word is going to spread FAST. No joke.

At this point, this is all new. The plan was just finalized half a week ago. Word is NOT out yet, as of the writing of this post. Don't miss your timing!

Take a look, see for yourself...and THEN decide.

This is SO much better than months down the road from now where someone will have to beg you to please sit down and look at this program!!!

And you will have to look at them, and look in the mirror and say:

"I heard about Nutronix Revolution way back in May/June of 2010. I wish I had taken action then!"

I don't want you to have to experience that horrible feeling!

Experience the joy of positioning now, at this early stage, for as low as 50 bucks!!!


PS. I found out that the #1 Fastest Growing Blue Diamond in M*n@v!% and the #2 Fastest Blue Diamond in that company have joined Nutronix Revolution recently! One of them was paid a cool million upfront to join them, and LEFT for Nutronix Revolution!

That says something!!
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Old 03-24-2010, 07:52 AM
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Default Nutronix Revolution: Top Marketers Coming On Board.

I was on an hour long training webinar today for the first time. It was about the new product: Nu Focus, the company and the compensation plan. Some leaders came on. It was great, from beginning to end.
This product just makes sense. It is formulated very intelligently. It is a perfect product addition for us.

The feeling of being with a long established, seasoned company is really nice. Solid and secure.

Everyone needs one long term, proven, paycheck that comes in no matter what else my come or go.

The more time I spend with Nutronix Revolution, the brighter the light goes on for me here.
Product line is the rock bottom foundation of a company, what someone is offering.
Our product line is super high class, all natural, life enhancing nutritional products. Proven to work.

I have been around for a long time in the nutritional arena. I will be the first one to trash a company for crappola products or cheap excuses. Not here. These are the best of their kind, and I feel more than proud to be sharing these products!

I know comp. plans. I have seen em all. There is no other plan that can even touch ours!!! It's true. This plan is the one I had been waiting for. Even when you think you "got it" with this comp. plan, and you start smiling, and the future looks bright...

there's more.

The many levels of this comp. plan, and how they all work together, is what makes it so unbelievable.
And knowing we have an 11 year company behind us here, giving quality media, updates, support and systems to us, so all we need to do is build and suppport our teams.


No wonder Blue Diamonds and Top Networkers from other companies are starting to come over.

The time to take a look at Nutronix Revolution is now.
Word has not yet barely even begun to spread.

This is a great company to join for around 50 bucks, maintain an autoship of the same,
and build for the long term. All you need to qualify to be paid on all 15 levels is two personals ever.

Nutronix Revolution is your ticket to a secure future.

See for yourself.
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Old 04-05-2010, 11:27 PM
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Nutronix Revolution is a sleeping giant that is about to awaken.

There are so many factors that will decide if a company succeeds or not,
which include product quality and demand, powerful compensation plan, and stability of the company.

We all know that 95% of new companies don't make it.

Being with an 11 year old rock solid company is such a breath of fresh air!
It's such a relief never having to even wonder if the company will make it or not.

There is nothing like building on solid ground.

The products are some of the best nutrionals out there, and with the launch of their new product:
Nu Focus, this company is going to grow huge, internationally.

But that all being said, the "electricity" that makes Nutronix Revolution so compelling and attractive,
is the compensation plan. It is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!

The Coded Fast Start Bonuses to infinity are a network marketers dream come true. Creating quick money
is always an issue, and this comp. plan does that...BIG TIME.

The major incentive to sponsor folks creates more and more spillover in our 2 wide matrix, so everyone is helped in the process. And with the ONLY qualification to get paid on your entire matrix being two personals, this is truly attainable for everyone.

There is a LOT more to the comp. plan you can research for yourself.

I LOVE the fact that as my Coded legs are bringing in their first two, they roll up!
(Just the fast starts, you never lose anyone.)

Those fast starts double every generation...to INFINITY!

This has never been done before, and is absolutely brilliant.

If you are tired of the quicksand, and looking for a home,
take a good look at Nutronix Revolution.


Nutronix Revolution Opportunity Webinars

We are now offering nightly Opportunity Webinars every weekday

Monday - Friday at 1:00PM and 9:30PM Eastern.

Weekdays at 1:00 PM and 9:30 PM Eastern
Online at http://www.nutronixmeeting.com/

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Old 04-15-2010, 12:33 AM
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As you have heard from our team throughout the pre-launch phase of AD-renaline Marketing this last month, we've taken great pride in delivering a launch on schedule tonight at midnight.

It is for this reason we are very disappointed to announce that we will be delaying the launch until 8:00 p.m. Central Time (GMT-6:00) on Friday April 16th, 2010. It is less than a 48 hour delay, but a delay nonetheless.

Our software is fully functional, tested and ready for launch as promised, but some of our financial processing and banking relationships have taken up until this morning to finalize and were only to be fully activated by later tonight. Needless to say, with the massive number of people rescheduling their lives to participate in the first few hours of launch, it would be a really bad idea to risk a partial financial processing system failure at the 11th hour.

We have also had overwhelming responses and requests from many of you asking that we change the launch date time for the following reasons:

1. Most members get paid on Friday.

2. Most members could use the weekend to continue to maximize their earnings instead of having to go to work the next day.

3. Most members in the US file their taxes on the 15th and will have tax returns on hand the day after.

Taking into consideration all the above items, we feel we have no choice and in all likelihood, will please most members with this very brief launch delay to Friday evening.

We will have an additional webinar scheduled for tomorrow night as well as the webinar scheduled for this evening if you have further questions:

Wed, Apr 14, 2010 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT
Registration Web Link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/490479680

Thu, Apr 15, 2010 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT
Registration Web Link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/119805736

Thanks in advance for your understanding and we promise we won't keep you waiting long at all for this very exciting new venture!

Clay Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer
Ben Davis, Chief Technical Officer
Karen Otto, International Customer Service Manager
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